Shelf Company – Select

These are the available companies (with date of registration):

Kasage (Pty) Ltd 22102015
Lasrili (Pty) Ltd 22102015
Lerall (Pty) Ltd 22102015
Rasigo (Pty) Ltd 07032016
Raverly (Pty) Ltd 04032016
Regalsum (Pty) Ltd 26022016
Reshino (Pty) Ltd 04032016
Sakima (Pty) Ltd 26022016
Siwenzo (Pty) Ltd 09032016
Sonakim (Pty) Ltd 26022016
Sumaroo (Pty) Ltd 26022016
Tezuri (Pty) Ltd 09032016
Toresti (Pty) Ltd 26022016
Tosheen (Pty) Ltd 04032016

Please select your order:

1.  R795.00:     I need a Shelf Company with one on the above names.

2.  R1145.00:   I need a Shelf Company and I want to change the name.