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Our services are well-priced and include a full service. Do not be misled by incomplete services which can cost you more in the long run.
We are well-known in the marketplace for availability, reliability, speed, experience, accuracy, backup and pleasant service.
Choose from these secure (https://) online applications:

Most popular - New Pty Ltd Company - register a new "slimtrim" Pty Ltd company - Shelf Pty Ltd Company - choose a clean Pty Ltd company off the shelf - New Co-operative - Co-op for members, business and community - Trading Name Registration - register your t/a (trading as) name - Pty/CC Name - apply to reserve a new name - Annual Returns - submit status details for a Pty/CC - CC Changes - change your CC name, members, addresses, etc - InfoCheck - certificate of info on any CC/Pty, directors, etc - CC/Pty Restoration - restore a CC/Pty and reverse final deregistration

Other favourites - NPC: Non-Profit Company - replaces sec21 companies for charities, etc - Director Changes - change your Pty directors and their details - PTY Name Change - change your Pty name - CK1 Document - obtain a copy of the first CC certificate - CK2 Document - obtain a copy of the most recent CC certificate - CC Conversion - convert your CC into a Pty Ltd company - New MOI - old act company apply to adopt new act articles

Organise your business - Association Agreement - for CC members - Accounting - advice, financials, tax returns - BEE Certificate - for businesses with turnover equal to R5m or less - Business Plans - to organise your business or apply for finance - CC/Pty Deregistration - apply to deregister (close down) a CC/Pty - Information Manual - for the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) - PAYE Registration - apply to SARS to deduct and pay over employees tax - Tax Registration - apply for an income tax number for an individual/CC/Pty - Tax Clearance - apply for a certificate for tenders/good standing - Trademark Application SA - secure a product/service name/logo in SA - Trademark Application US - secure name/logo in the USA - Trust Registration - form a trust for charity, trade or protecting your assets - UIF Application - register your workers to insure against loss of work - VAT Application - register your business for Value-Added Tax - WCA Application - Workers Compensation insurance if a worker gets hurt - Website Builder - let our Web Team design a website for you

Offshore - for clients trading from a country other than South Africa - Offshore Company - register a Pty to run in another country

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